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About Symple Seeds

Symple Seeds is the largest cannabis seed shipping and logistics company in the world. With decades of expertise and a deep understanding of the cannabis agricultural sector, we offer a wide range of services designed to optimize your supply chain, streamline logistics, simplify payment processing, and enhance your overall efficiency. From sourcing and procurement, to warehousing, transportation, and distribution, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your seeds reach their destination safely and on time. Symple Seeds doesn’t just deliver seeds; we deliver growth, quality, and reliability to your endeavors.

How Symple Seeds’ Services Can Help You Grow

Explore Symple Seeds’ full suite of cannabis seed shipping and logistics services to streamline every aspect of your cannabusiness.

Shipping and Logistics

With tens of thousands of square feet of warehouse space across the U.S., we are a fully equipped drop-shipping 4PL Logistics company. We can distribute your prepackaged cannabis seeds, count, clean, double germ test, and downpack your bulk cannabis seeds, or you can private-label cannabis seeds from our extensive catalog of cultivars.

Sell Cannabis Seeds on Your Website

Symple Seeds makes it easy to sell cannabis seeds online. We can add our wide selection of cannabis seeds directly to your website, capitalizing on your existing SEO value and capturing your current customers. It’s never been easier to get started selling cannabis seeds!

Custom Seed and Strain Creation

To put your cannabrand on the map, our trained geneticists and producers can help you create strains or breed a new, unique cultivar just for you. From pheno-hunting to feminized seed production, Symple Seeds can take your cannabis genetics — and your company’s reputation — to the next level.

Cannabis Payment Processing Platform

A secure, streamlined checkout experience can make the difference between a repeat e-commerce customer and an abandoned shopping cart. Symple Seeds can add our trusted payment processing system directly to your cannabis e-commerce website to maximize your revenue by tracking orders, sending emails, and simplifying the checkout process.

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

With an extensive network of contracted cannabis breeders and producers across the globe, Symple Seeds can produce any seed you need in any quantity. Our fast shipping ensures that you will have enough seeds to supply your seed bank or cannabis farm in a matter of days.

Cannabis Customer Service

Exceptional customer service defines a brand and will help create loyal customers. Symple Seeds’ customer service agents and grow specialists are among the highest ranked in the industry and can operate through your website.

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In 2022 alone, we fulfilled over 275,000 orders and made our clients upwards of $45 million.

A Cannabis Seed Bank With a Proven Record of Success

Symple Seeds has over a decade of experience in the cannabis seed shipping and logistics industry. In 2022 alone, we fulfilled over 275,000 orders and made our clients upwards of $45 million. From home growers and large-scale growing operations to dispensaries and small cannabrands, cannabis connoisseurs nationwide trust Symple Seeds to supply their cannabis seeds.

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