Custom Cannabis Seed & Strain Creation

Are you a successful flower brand with amazing strains looking for increased sales and nationwide exposure? Our top-tier geneticists and producers can take your most popular cultivars and make beautiful, feminized, high-quality seeds for sale.

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Cannabis Genetics

To put your flower brand on the map, our trained geneticists and producers can help you create strains or breed new, unique cultivars just for you. From pheno-hunting to feminized seed production, Symple Seeds can take your cannabis genetics — and your company’s reputation — to the next level.

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Grow Your Seed eCommerce

Partnering with Symple will plug your brand into the exploding e-commerce seed market, giving your existing customers a place to purchase your top-tier genetics in the domestic and international e-commerce markets on our existing sites. If you’re ready to make a splash without in-housing or massive capital outlays, this option is an incredible way to expand your brand’s reach without monetary expenditures.

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Unique strains, pheno-hunting, & feminized seed production (including Auto and Fast Flowering seeds) are also deliverable in as little as eight months

Seed Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Team will assist in the sourcing of new strains, strain development, and creating cultivars just for you that align with the “feel and focus” of your existing flower brand. You can skip months of development by working with our large catalog of seeds, getting you to market efficiently.

Creating unique strains, pheno-hunting, and feminized seed production (including Auto and Fast Flowering seeds) are also deliverable in as little as eight months via Symple Seeds’ partnerships with some of the most well-known genetic and seed production teams in the U.S. and abroad.

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Our Services

Symple Seeds offers many services to facilitate every step of your cannabis seed company’s operations.

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