Secure Cannabis Payment Processing

A secure, streamlined checkout experience can make the difference between a repeat e-commerce customer and an abandoned shopping cart. Symple Seeds can add our trusted payment processing system directly to your cannabis e-commerce website to maximize your revenue by tracking orders, sending emails, and simplifying the checkout process to streamline ways for your business to make money.

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Symple Seeds’
Payment Platform

Our proprietary payment processing platform allows you to maximize your revenue by integrating multiple payment methods into one unified dashboard. Load multiple credit card MIDs alongside ancillary payments such as Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, ACH, cash, and checks in your real-time dashboard. Having payment options improves customer conversion and payment times. Symple Seeds’ payment platform allows you to seamlessly control your checkout payment options and manage fraud while ensuring secure checkouts, communicating transactional and marketing emails to customers and maintaining a real-time customer database.

 Our in-house dashboard gives you access to view all order activity and all events tracked in one place so you can keep track of your customers’ activity throughout the ordering process.

Join us in redefining how cannabis seeds reach their destination!

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Symple Seeds offers many services to facilitate every step of your cannabis seed company’s operations.

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