Where Can I Distribute and Sell My Cannabis Seeds in the U.S.?

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Cannabis E-commerce, Shipping Cannabis

One of the first steps in creating a successful cannabis seed company is deciding how to get your seeds to your customers. Symple Seeds can help simplify the process of weighing the pros and cons of each platform so you can get back to finetuning your brand and generating excitement for your launch. Today, we’re discussing different platforms you can use to sell your cannabis seeds.  

Trends in Selling and Buying Cannabis Seeds

A growing percentage of consumers are choosing to shop online rather than in-store. The increasing popularity of online shopping doesn’t mean that e-commerce is definitively the way to go, though; whether you opt for a brick-and-mortar store or a virtual storefront will depend on your target market, your location, and other specifics of your unique cannabis seed business. 

Are There Physical Stores that Sell Cannabis Seeds?

If you choose to sell your cannabis seeds in a brick-and-mortar location, Symple Seeds offers wholesale cannabis seeds for sale to businesses like yours. With our wholesale program, you can access and be included in our massive catalog of seeds, ready to be shipped to you or directly to the physical stores you have partnered with. 

Do Dispensaries Sell Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Though dispensaries are known for offering ready-to-consume cannabis products, some carry cannabis seeds as well. Partnering with a dispensary can be an excellent way to get your cannabis seeds in front of more consumers. However, not all dispensaries carry seeds and not all budtenders are knowledgeable about cultivation, so there are limitations to this distribution model. 

Are Hydroponic Stores Allowed to Sell Marijuana Seeds?

It depends on the state. Hydroponic shops in states with regulated cannabis industries can stock and sell cannabis seeds. However, hydroponic shops in other states tend to focus more on other types of cultivation. Therefore, they might not be open to partnering with a cannabis seed distribution company.

Can I Sell Cannabis Seeds Online?

Because cannabis seeds can legally be shipped nationwide, selling cannabis seeds online allows cannabusinesses to operate with a lower overhead, offer a more extensive range of products, and cater to a broader audience. However, many prominent e-commerce platforms restrict the types of products that individual shops can sell. Cannabusiness owners must know these restrictions when choosing a host for their online cannabis seed store. 

Can I Sell Cannabis Seeds on Shopify?

Shopify does not allow the sale of cannabis or cannabis-related products. Though this prominent online retail platform does allow shops to sell hemp products, attempting to sell hemp or cannabis seeds on Shopify could put your account or business in jeopardy. 

Can You Sell Cannabis Seeds on eBay?

The items banned on eBay include “drugs and drug paraphernalia.” Cannabis seeds, therefore, cannot be sold on the platform. Though some illicit listings sometimes advertise “cannabis seeds for sale,” they are most often hemp seeds marketed as cannabis and the listing, or the seller, is quickly shut down. 

Can You Sell Weed Seeds on Amazon? 

Amazon, one of the United States’ largest retailers, sells just about everything — except cannabis seeds. Cannabis products, including cannabis seeds and CBD, cannot be sold on Amazon. Even hemp products are subject to certain restrictions on the shopping platform.

Can You Sell Marijuana Seeds on Etsy?

Like most prominent online retailers, you cannot sell cannabis seeds on Etsy. The platform, known for hosting small businesses, bans the sale of “controlled substances, such as… marijuana [and] cannabidiol (CBD).” 

Where Can I Sell Cannabis Seeds?

Though it might seem like there’s nowhere to sell your cannabis seeds online easily, Symple Seeds offers the simplest solution. We can add cannabis seeds for sale to your new or existing site, maximizing the SEO value you have cultivated, capturing your current customers, and avoiding the hassle of dealing with third-party e-commerce platforms. We can facilitate the sale of your own seeds, or you can dropship seeds from our massive warehouses

Selling Cannabis Seeds is Easy with Symple Seeds

From sale to delivery, Symple Seeds offers cannabis seed shipping and logistics services to help your cannabusiness find success. Contact us today to get started selling cannabis seeds on your website and open up new avenues for your company.

Contact us today for tailor-made cannabis seed solutions.

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