6 Hurdles to Overcome in Bringing Cannabis Seeds to Market

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Cannabis E-commerce, Payment Processing, Shipping Cannabis

Selling cannabis seeds online can be incredibly profitable, but as an industry plagued by a patchwork of changeable regulations, it also comes with many challenges. Symple Seeds, the largest cannabis seed logistics and shipping company in the world, has solutions. Read on for an overview of the biggest things you must consider when bringing cannabis seeds to the consumer market and how Symple Seeds’ services can help. 

1. Maintaining an Inventory of Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Maintaining a consistent inventory is one of the most important aspects of any business. Renting or buying warehouse space can be expensive, it can be challenging to keep everything in stock, and items like cannabis seeds require more specialized storage than other goods. 

Symple Seeds maintains warehouses on the East and West Coast specifically for cannabis seeds. Our massive warehouses ensure that the seeds your customers are looking for are always in stock, and partnering with us will allow you to run your online cannabis seed business without maintaining the overhead of a warehouse and the workers to operate it. Our dropshipping services will enable us to handle the logistics of getting your products to your customers, saving you time and making you money. 

2. Providing In-Demand Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Just like all products, cannabis seeds go through trends. What customers want will change over time, and it can take time to predict what the next hottest cultivars will be. 

Symple Seeds’ massive inventory of cannabis seeds can also help your business with this issue. As a client, you will have access to our entire catalog of cultivars and varieties of cannabis seeds. Your company will be able to respond quickly to trends, adding the newest and most popular seeds to your offerings without having to source them or wait for them to arrive at your warehouse. 

3. Fulfilling Online Cannabis Seed Orders Quickly

E-commerce shoppers are impatient, especially in the United States. They want their orders to arrive as quickly as possible, and they want tracking updates at every step of the way. It can be challenging to keep customers satisfied, especially when handling large orders from an extensive catalog. 

Experience and infrastructure matter when it comes to delivering on customers’ expectations. Symple Seeds has over 11 years of experience quickly fulfilling orders and providing tracking information to customers. We ship out orders in as little as two days, and our locations on the East and West Coasts of the United States mean that our products will get to customers even faster. Symple Seeds’ shipping services will help keep your customers happy — and ensure they return to your cannabis seed e-commerce store for their next order. And on the off chance that they do have questions or concerns, our customer service agents are highly rated, too. 

4. Packaging Cannabis Seeds for Shipment

Though cannabis seeds can be shipped nationwide as they are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, they must be clearly labeled and securely packaged. When combined with considerations such as maintaining an inventory and predicting cannabis seed trends, ensuring high-quality and consistent packaging can be difficult, too. 

We also offer packaging as part of our shipping and logistics services. Symple Seeds can package seeds you send us, create branded private-label packaging for seeds from our catalog, and even add marketing materials to your customers’ orders. If you’re a craft cannabis company with specific practices for packaging your products, we can help with that, too. We will take care of storing, barcoding, picking, packing, and sending out any pre-packaged seeds you send to our warehouses. 

5. Capturing E-Commerce Cannabis Sales on Your Existing Website

If you already have a successful cannabusiness, starting from scratch on an e-commerce platform can be intimidating. Creating a store can widen your company’s horizons, but starting over with SEO strategies and trying to direct existing fans to a new website can seem impossible. 

Integrating a cannabis seed e-commerce program into your existing website can jumpstart your cannabis seed sales. Symple Seeds can add cannabis seeds directly to your existing domain, making these products easily accessible to your current web traffic and therefore helping your cannabis seed company succeed from the very beginning.   

6. Complying with Cannabis Payment Platform Regulations

Finally, one of the most challenging parts of running a cannabis business is navigating the difficulties of banking and accepting payments. Cannabis seeds can be incredibly lucrative, but sometimes the ever-changing, seemingly arbitrary financial regulations can make operating in the industry extremely difficult. After all, you can’t run an online cannabis seed business if your customers can’t securely and virtually pay for their orders.  

Symple Seeds’ proprietary payment processing platform solves this problem. We can seamlessly integrate our secure payment platform into your existing e-commerce website and incorporate common ancillary payment platforms such as Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, and CashApp. Providing your customers with our secure, easy-to-use payment processing will improve customer conversion and safety, and we provide you with tracking and customer information that you can keep in your business’s database. 

Symple Seeds Provides Simple Solutions for Buying and Selling Cannabis Seeds Online

Whether you are a cannabis seed retailer looking to expand or a new cannabusiness owner looking to break into the industry in the most effective way possible, Symple Seeds has the solution. We can tailor our host of shipping, logistics, and cannabis seed creation services to provide what you and your business need to succeed in this exciting, growing industry. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your cannabis seed e-commerce journey.  

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