A Comparison of US, EU and Canadian Cannabis Seed Markets

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We live in an increasingly connected world. International food, media, and fashion are all more popular and accessible than ever, so it makes sense that cannabis connoisseurs want to try global cultivars, too. Though a love of cannabis unites people worldwide, some subtle differences exist in the cannabis seed markets in different regions. Luckily, Symple Seeds makes it easy to help get specialized seed cultivars to customers almost anywhere in the world.

The Cannabis Seed Market in the United States

Despite the patchwork of inconsistent regulations, the cannabis seed market in the United States is thriving. 

American Cannabis Seed Market Size

As of 2022, the overall cannabis industry in the United States was valued at $13.2 billion

The American cannabis seed market is valued at about $567 million. This industry is expected to grow over the next decade, providing seed distribution companies, cannabis growers, and cannabis consumers with opportunities to expand their cultivation horizons. 

4 Things to Know About the American Cannabis Seed Industry

The cannabis industry in the United States is as varied as the country itself. Here are four things you need to know about the cannabis seed industry in the U.S. 

1. Cannabis Seeds are Federally Legal in the United States

Though the legality of cannabis varies from state to state, cannabis seeds are legal to distribute and possess nationwide under the 2018 Farm Bill

2. Americans Prefer Indica Cannabis Seeds 

It seems like most cannabis consumers in the United States prefer indica-leaning strains. Cannabis seed distributors can likely assume cannabis seed buying habits in the U.S. will align with this preference: seeds for indica-leaning cultivars will likely sell better than seeds for sativa-leaning cultivars. 

3. Autoflower Seeds and Feminized Cannabis Seeds Dominate the US

In many states, cannabis consumers are legally permitted to grow their own cannabis plants. As such, easy-to-grow autoflower cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals try their hand at home cannabis cultivation. 

4. Convenience is King for American Cannabis Seed Consumers

Though American consumers also want high-quality, diverse cannabis seeds, convenience is the bottom line for most American online shoppers. They want fast, reliable shipping on their cannabis seeds. Symple Seeds’ shipping and logistics services will allow your cannabis seed distribution company to dispatch orders quickly and efficiently to American cannabis customers.  

The Cannabis Seed Industry in Canada

Unlike the United States and Europe, the cannabis laws in Canada are relatively consistent. There are several similarities between the cannabis seed markets in these regions, however. 

Size of the Canadian Cannabis Market

The Canadian cannabis market was valued at $11.2 billion in 2022, squarely between the U.S. cannabis market and the European cannabis market values. 

Though adults in Canada are legally permitted to grow their own cannabis, cannabis seed sales in the country appear to be much lower than in the United States or Europe. 

2 Insights on the Canadian Cannabis Seed Industry

The cannabis seed industry in Canada varies slightly compared to the U.S. and European Union cannabis seed markets. Still, there are some similarities, as well. 

1. Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Cultivation are Legal Across Canada

Throughout Canada, it is legal to buy, sell, possess, and cultivate cannabis seeds. Adults over 19 years of age and medical cannabis patients can easily buy cannabis seeds, though a license is needed to sell them. Unlike the U.S. and the EU, however, individuals across Canada can germinate cannabis seeds and cultivate cannabis plants themselves. 

2. Canadian Cannabis Consumers Prefer Balanced Cultivars and Seeds

Sixty percent of cannabis consumers in Canada prefer balanced cultivars, with a ratio close to 1:1 THC to CBD. Cannabis seed distribution companies should offer various strains, with CBD-dominant seeds for European consumers, THC-dominant seeds for American consumers, and balanced seeds for Canadian consumers. Symple Seeds has a vast library of cannabis seeds for purchase, allowing your company to meet customers’ needs globally. 

The European Cannabis Seed Industry

Like the United States, the European Union is home to a network of differing cannabis laws and regulations. However, there are marked differences between the two markets. 

Cannabis Seed Market Size in the European Union

The value of the general cannabis market in Europe is expected to reach $8.47 billion in 2023. 

As of 2021, the European cannabis seed market was estimated to be worth about $240 million

The European cannabis seed market is valued at less than the American cannabis seed market but is growing more rapidly. The EU cannabis seed market has an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5%, while the U.S. cannabis seed market has an estimated CAGR of 17.20%.

3 Developments in the European Cannabis Seed Market 

Though each EU country’s cannabis seed market differs slightly, there are some general observations we can make about the cannabis seed industry as a whole in Europe. 

1. Cannabis Seeds are Legal in Most European Countries

As in the U.S., cannabis seeds are not considered to be a cannabis product in the EU. Possessing cannabis seeds is legal in most European countries, but germinating those seeds is illegal in all but a select few. Additionally, though some countries prohibit the sale of cannabis seeds, EU law dictates that citizens have a right to “free movement of goods” between EU member states, making the laws surrounding cannabis seed sales less clear. 

2. High-CBD Cannabis Seeds Are Popular in Europe

Though few European countries have fully legalized adult use of cannabis, medical cannabis is becoming more widespread in the region. Therefore, many European cannabis growers and consumers seek cannabis seeds for CBD-rich strains rather than the high-THC strains currently dominating the American market.

3. European Cannabis Seed Consumers Value Digital Security

European consumers are more concerned with digital privacy and security than American e-commerce shoppers, especially when shopping for regulated products like cannabis seeds. Symple Seed’s proprietary online payment processing platform offers a safe, secure, and convenient way for customers to purchase cannabis seeds, alleviating worries for cannabis seed customers in Europe and beyond. 

Can Cannabis Seeds be Shipped Internationally?

Yes! It is legal to ship cannabis seeds internationally, as they contain little to no THC. Cannabis seed distribution companies like Symple Seeds can help your business distribute high-quality, trustworthy, and diverse cannabis seeds to customers throughout the U.S., the EU, and Canada. Contact us today to get started.  

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