How to Sell Cannabis Seeds

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Selling cannabis seeds can be an excellent way for existing cannabrads to expand their offerings or for new cannabis entrepreneurs to break into the industry. What, exactly, goes into selling cannabis seeds, though? Symple Seeds is here with a guide on everything you need to know to get started and help your cannabis seed company take off.  

Is it Legal to Sell Cannabis Seeds?

The most important thing to consider when starting any company in the cannabis industry is the legality of your business plan. Recent news has clarified that according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), cannabis seeds are considered hemp products and are federally legal. 

Can You Legally Sell Cannabis Seeds Online?

Yes, you can sell cannabis seeds online. Because they are considered hemp products, merchants can sell cannabis seeds in online stores and ship them over state lines to anywhere in the United States. 

Is it Legal to Sell Cannabis Seeds In-Store?

Yes, it is legal to sell cannabis seeds in brick-and-mortar storefronts, too. Cannabis seeds are hemp products that can be sold in any state

3 Ways to Source Cannabis Seeds

Once you’ve decided whether to pursue an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar storefront, you will need to think about how to access cannabis seeds you will sell. There are several ways to acquire stock. 

1. Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

If you sell from a brick-and-mortar storefront or just prefer to have your stock on hand, wholesale cannabis seeds are a great choice. 

Symple Seeds offers wholesale cannabis seeds for sale online. With our network of cannabis cultivators across the globe, we can provide your business with virtually any seed in any quantity in a matter of days. 

2. Cannabis Seed Dropshipping

If you prefer not to send out orders or just want to minimize your e-commerce store’s overhead, dropshipping cannabis seeds is a great option. With this model, you can offer a vast selection of seeds for sale without storing or shipping them yourself. 

Symple Seeds offers cannabis seed dropshipping, too. With our white labeling service, we’ll package, ship, and track your orders — and you only have to pay for the seeds you sell. 

3. Create Your Own Cannabis Cultivar or Seeds

If you don’t see the perfect seeds in our massive catalog or already have a signature strain you want to share with home growers, Symple Seeds has a solution for you. Our cannabis geneticists can create seeds from an existing cultivar or work with you to create a cultivar to exemplify your brand perfectly. Either way, a unique cultivar and seeds unavailable elsewhere are great ways to draw attention to your cannabrand. 

How to Market Cannabis Seeds

With so much competition in the cannabis market, careful marketing is essential. 

Even though cannabis seeds are technically legal on the federal level, cannabis plants are not. Once they sprout, cannabis plants contain more than the legal limit of THC. To avoid legal trouble, most cannabis seed companies market their products for novelty and collection purposes only. 

It’s also essential to market your brand, not just your seeds. Consider building a brand reputation through clever marketing before introducing your seeds to consumers — or dropship white-labeled seeds with Symple Seeds to avoid up-front investments and accumulating unsold products as your brand gets off the ground. 

Selling Cannabis Seeds

If you own and operate a brick-and-mortar store, selling cannabis seeds is as easy as ordering stock, adding it to your inventory, and putting it up for sale. Though selling cannabis seeds online is more convenient in many ways, it can take more work to get a cannabis seed e-commerce store up and running. 

How to Sell Cannabis Seeds Online

Symple Seeds has solutions to help you easily sell cannabis seeds on your website. We can add seeds directly to your website, capturing your existing SEO value and allowing you to launch an e-commerce storefront for your cannabis seeds effortlessly. 

Symple Seeds also offers a proprietary payment platform for e-commerce websites — our secure, easy-to-use platform syncs with several popular payment methods, like PayPal and Venmo. With a trustworthy online checkout system, your cannabis e-commerce store can easily capture new customers and track returning customers. 

Cannabis Seed Shipping and Logistics

Once you’ve sourced seeds, marketed your brand, and started making sales, you must ship out your cannabis seed orders. Your customers rely on you to deliver their orders quickly and reliably, so it’s essential to have solid shipping and logistics processes in place before you get your first order. 

Symple Seeds is one of the largest cannabis seed shipping and logistics companies in the world, and all of our services are at your disposal when you partner with us. We can help you ship and track your orders, keeping your customers happy and earning their return business.

Simple Solutions for All Your Cannabis Seed Needs

Whether you run a dispensary that carries cannabis seeds, a small online craft cannabis store, or a large cannabis seed bank, Symple Seeds can assist with every step of your sales process. With options to source seeds, e-commerce software, and shipping and logistics services, we can help your cannabis seed company grow beyond your expectations. 

To learn more or put together a service package, contact us today.   

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