Lillian Salazar

Meet Lillian Salazar, Assistant Manager in the warehouse for Symple Seeds, she has been with the company for 5 years.

Lillian’s journey began with being 1 of 5 in the warehouse, working her way up to where she is today. January 2021 she was promoted to team lead and not long after Warehouse Manager. Lillian is responsible for overseeing all warehouse operations, payroll for the warehouse, delivery logistics, and supervising warehouse staff. Lillian is a team player and goes above and beyond to meet the expectations she sets for herself and the team. She is a strong leader and overachiever.

Born and raised in San Diego, California. Lillian began working as an Assistant manager for another company right out of high school, after outgrowing her role there she found herself working for Symple Seeds and has loved it ever since. Always open to new learning opportunities within the company.

Lillian Salazar

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